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Israel tourism resumes as soon as the country comes out of lockdown.

israel tourism

With nearly 4.3 million people receiving at least one shot of the Kovid-19 vaccine, Israel is currently preparing to reopen its economy.

After local people return to cultural events, mall shopping, museums and gyms, the domestic tourism sector is slowly returning.

Rural housing (Zimmers) has now joined hotels under coronovirus restrictions.

The exit scheme is based on the purple and green badge scheme.

Entry to hotels, cultural and sporting events, gyms and studios, swimming pools and places of worship is permitted only to green badge holders.

jerusalem Skyline,
jerusalem Skyline,

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Eligible for the green badge, which is released by the Ministry of Health, either at least a week after the second coronavirus vaccine, or has recovered from the disease.

The badge, with its unique QR code, must be presented digitally or in print form, with an ID, at the entrance of these establishments.

In the current phase of the evacuation plan, hotels and rural accommodation are open on a one-room basis only.
Dining rooms are closed, but room service is allowed.

Permission to enter the hotel for children under 16 years of age is taken within 48 hours of the arrival of a negative coronavirus virus (this, because the children have not been vaccinated).

The hotels in the Dead Sea resort area of ​​Ein Boकek and Hami Zohar are once again designated as the Hare Island area.

This designation allows the hotel to be completely reopened for green badge holders and children under 16 who underwent negative coronovirus testing within 48 hours of arrival.

Hotels in Elliott will only be included in the green island designation if the transition level in the city falls to the lowest level within the next two weeks.

Jaffa Port Israel
Jaffa Port Israel

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The purple badge limits the standard’s participation and requires social distancing and the wearing of masks (which is mandatory in Israel).

Malls, open shopping centers and markets, street stores, museums, libraries, zoos, outdoor tourist attractions and safaris are now open according to a stricter version of the Purple Badge.

The Mount Hermon ski site on the Golan Heights, which recently received snow, is now open to all visitors with advanced registration.

All nature reserves and parks are open with advance registration and limited numbers.

The next phase of the evacuation plan will begin from March 7, so as the infection rate continues to decline, more people get vaccinated.

Hotels across the country will be able to offer full services, and will open indoor attractions, event halls and conferences for green badge holders.

According to the Purple Badge, cafes and small restaurants (so far providing only take-off and delivery service) will be able to reopen.

The airport and land crossings, however, will remain closed until at least 6 March.

Israel Tourism
Israel Tourism

Sharon Bershadzky, director of the Israel Tourist Office UK, says: “For a long time, the Kovid-19 vaccination is being rapidly distributed.

“In doing so, Israel will soon be not only an attractive destination for tourists from across the UK and the world – but also a healthy one.

He added, “We are pleased that the country faces ease of lockdown restrictions, which would be considered as the first step in opening the country once again for international travel.”

“We look forward to welcoming tourists to Israel as soon as it is safe to do so.”

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